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İzmir Medical

Having entered the medical sector in 2017, İZMİR MEDİKAL started to serve in the field of orthopedics as its starting point. İZMİR MEDİKAL made a new initiative in the sector with the production of products that support physical changes such as fat removal, recovery and stretching operations. As a result of long-term feasibility and R & D studies, we started to produce corsets with LIPOTEKS.

In addition to growing in the world market with the more needed liposuction corset, the priority is to be a reliable brand in the market with affordable and quality products. With its fabric quality, sewing and other complementary products, LIPOTEKS values the patients' satisfaction, comfort and health certainly. All products are produced carefully and made one by one. It helps the users to regain their health quickly after surgery with its special breathable fabric with micro pressure effect.